Treatment Program

Your HBOT Treatment Program

The number of HBOT treatments varies based on the ailment being treated and the horse undergoing treatment.  Although MEHOT typically recommends a minimum of three (3) treatments, we will work with you, your veterinarian, trainer and any other member of your team to develop a customized treatment program best suited for your horse’s ailment and circumstances.

A typical hyperbaric oxygen treatment lasts approximately 60 minutes.  Your horse will need to check in at least 40 minutes prior to treatment so we can properly prepare it for treatment.  This includes taking your horse’s vital signs and evaluating other aspects of its behavior and demeanor before placing your horse in the HBOT chamber.

Your Horse’s Well-being Is Our #1 Priority

As with any treatment program for humans or horses, there is the risk of side effects and potential complications.  Although rare, the most common side effects from equine HBOT treatments are oxygen toxicity and a build-up of pressure in the sinus cavity.  The majority of side effects and complications disappear once the treatment is discontinued.  Your horse is evaluated prior to a treatment and monitored throughout the treatment to mitigate these side effects and complications.

Additionally, MEHOT’s treatment program does not typically require your horse to be sedated.  Entering our HBOT unit is similar to entering a horse trailer, and the vast majority of treatments will be completed without difficulty.  During your horse’s first treatment, we schedule extra time for our skilled staff to familiarize themselves with your horse and your horse’s personality while also working to acclimate your horse to the HBOT treatment process. If necessary, with the guidance of a veterinarian, your horse can be sedated for treatment.