Horse Safety

Our HBOT Chamber and Your Horse’s Safety

Our HBOT chamber’s design code is set to the highest in human occupancy specifications.  Additionally, our unit is the only air-pressurized equine facility of its kind in the United States.  Since we administer oxygen to your horse through a mask, we can use air to pressurize our chamber, which essentially eliminates the potential risk of fire or explosions.

The MEHOT facility has a multitude of other features that prioritize and promote your horse’s safety and well-being, including:

  • Constant video monitoring of your horse during the treatment by a well-trained, hyperbaric veterinarian technician
  • A chamber that enables us to treat up to two horses in a comfortable stall similar to a standard horse trailer
  • Consistent evaluation and monitoring of your horse prior to a treatment and throughout the treatment to mitigate any side effects or complications of the treatment that may arise
  • Technicians may cancel or interrupt the treatment in the unlikely event that there is concern that the horse’s health or safety may be at risk

7I6A0347Your horse’s safety is our primary concern.  Prior to your horse’s first treatment, MEHOT will provide you with “Dos and Don’ts Prior to Your Appointment” that should be reviewed by you and any of the horse’s caretakers.