Horse Safety

Our HBOT Chamber and Your Horse’s Safety

Our HBOT chamber’s design code is set to the highest in human occupancy specifications.  Additionally, our unit is an air-pressurized equine facility unlike the vast majority of HBOT facilities in the United States.  Since our technology enables your horse to receive oxygen through a mask, air can be used to pressurize our chamber, which essentially eliminates the potential risk of fire or explosions.

The MEHOT facility has a multitude of other features that prioritize and promote your, and your horse’s, safety and well-being, including:

  • Constant video monitoring of your horse during the treatment
  • A chamber that enables you to treat up to two horses in a comfortable stall similar to a standard horse trailer
  • Operators may cancel or interrupt the treatment in the unlikely event that there is a concern that the horse’s health or safety may be at risk