The Science of HBOT (and how it helps your horse)

If there is one thing we know for sure, there is no shortage of things that can keep equine athletes from attaining peak health and performance. Strained muscles, wounds, lacerations and puncture wounds and infections are just a few challenges our equine friends face. There are a variety of treatment protocols that can address these ailments but there are very few if any that can address all of them effectively. HBOT can and people often ask us why. Well, the reasons for HBOT’s effectiveness are quite simple (and quite scientific as well).

1. Pump up the O2 (Hyperoxygenation)

During a hyperbaric oxygen treatment, 100% pure oxygen will be delivered to your horse through its mask. The delivery of this oxygen in a hyperbaric, or high pressure, environment, allows up to 18 times normal oxygen concentration (i.e., hyperoxygenation) to all the tissues in the body. This means that if your horse is sore, has strained muscles, or is hurting somewhere, that all those damaged tissues will receive the highest concentration of oxygen that can possibly be achieved, allowing for better and faster healing and recovery.

2. Bye, Bye Bacteria

Many types of bacteria, fungi, and viruses cannot survive in an oxygen rich environment. If your horse has a wound or infection and there are bacteria surrounding a wound or infection site, a HBOT treatment will saturate the site with oxygen and help fight further infection and kill off existing bacteria. In addition, white blood cells also thrive in this oxygen rich environment, increasing their ability to help fight infection and disease.

3. On your mark, get set, GROW

The hyperoxygenation that HBOT delivers stimulates the body to grow new capillaries. This process, also known as angiogenesis, is extremely helpful for restoring tissues that have restricted blood flow or areas of the body that have limited access to oxygen Giving your horse the ability to form new blood vessels promotes rapid healing and can be crucial for a horse that has a specific injury such as a laceration or puncture wound.

4. Antibiotic Assistance

HBOT has been proven to create a synergistic effect when administered in conjunction with certain antibiotics. This means that if you are treating your horse with a certain medication, adding the hyperbaric treatments could make these antibiotics as much as 10x more effective than it would be on a stand-alone basis.