Kasey Ament’s Testimonial

Kasey Ament ZuidhoeveKasey Ament is an elite rider from Agoura Hills, California.  She established her full-service training barn, KC Jump, Inc., in 2010, and has been competing successfully up to the FEI Grand Prix level ever since.  She has had an outstanding show at the 2016 HITS Thermal Desert Circuit highlighted by a Grand Prix Championship in the Horseware Ireland $50,000 Grand Prix on Zuidhoeve.  Kasey also has had several other successes at Thermal including 3rd place in the $25,000 Smartpak Grand Prix on Arthos R, and 6th place in the FEI $36,400 Desert Classic on I’ll be Frank, to name a few.

We had the opportunity to chat with Kasey prior to 2016 Thermal Desert Circuit wrapping up as she prepared for the AIG $1,000,000 Grand Prix.  Before MEHOT, Kasey admitted she did have some concerns regarding chambers using prior hyperbaric technology.  However, after taking the time to visit and tour the MEHOT facility and receiving a detailed explanation of our chamber and how it actually works she decided to use HBOT for her horses in preparation for Thermal.

ZUIDHOEVE Wins 50k GPKasey’s primary reasons for using MEHOT and HBOT was to optimize performance and to reduce the recovery time between classes at a competition.  Although, she has only been using HBOT for five months, Kasey is very pleased with the results,   “I am a huge believer in the hyperbaric oxygen treatment system.  In the 2 years I have been riding these horses, they have never ridden so consistent and with so much energy.  I have also seen a huge improvement in the condition of their bodies, muscle tone, and their coat and hooves have never looked so healthy. I can’t imagine competing without it!”