3 Reasons Why An Air-Pressurized HBOT Chamber is Better For Your Horse

1. 100% Oxygen, 100% of the time

Our state-of-the-art chamber is pressurized with air. Unlike HBOT chambers with older technology, horses in our chamber breathe 100% oxygen through a mask which results in them receiving a higher concentration of oxygen. Breathing 100% oxygen, 100% of the time in our chamber optimizes the healing benefits of HBOT and speeds recovery.

2. Better safety features

In addition to pressurizing our chamber with air and constant video monitoring of your horse during treatment, there are numerous other safety features at our facility that differentiate it from older, oxygen-pressurized HBOT units. These include two fire suppression systems, constant air exchange, rubber-lined walls and floors and CO and methane analysis during treatment.

3. Horse shoes stay on

In MEHOT’s chamber, there is no need to strip your horse’s shoes prior to entry. Since the chamber is pressurized with air, the horse is free to wear shoes and a halter unlike in an oxygen pressurized chamber. In older, oxygen-pressurized chambers, these items need to be removed because they increase the risk of fire in those environments.